Gibbon Husbandry conference

The 1st International Gibbon Husbandry Conference, “The Great Lesser Ape” will take place June 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2012 and will be hosted by The Natural Science Center and Animal Discovery of Greensboro, North Carolina. The conference will focus on captive gibbon husbandry and management practices, but will also encompass topics within gibbon conservation and biology relevant to the messages we want to share with visitors to zoos and conservation centers. The conference is open to all those directly involved with captive gibbon husbandry and management, as well as those working in gibbon conservation and research around the globe.

This conference is dedicated to Alan Mootnick, who passed away November 4th, 2011-probably the greatest friend to The Great Lesser Ape. We have all been inspired by his work and passion. He will be with us at the conference in spirit and in all that we will accomplish and share. 

The conference will be held in conjunction with a Gibbon SSP® Siamang Master Planning meeting, which will take place on Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 at the Natural Science Center of Greensboro.

The Great Lesser Ape
To be hosted in Greensboro,  North Carolina!